Curiousity is not just for cats

There are some great resources out there for improving new-grad knowledge about the fine art of midwifery.

One beyond excellent resource is Midwife’s Thinking Blog.  This blog written by an Australian Midwife is literally what it advertises itself to be: midwifery wisdom, physiology, & evidence wrapped up in one awesome package. (She also has a Twitter account which is a great way to get blog updates)

Rachel’s series on shoulder dystocia, Shoulder dystocia: the real story, is a great way of re-thinking & examining different ways midwives from around the world would respond to the same emergency.  Reading the whole blog archive is a quick way to get a midwifery refresher and/or blow your mind with new stuff.

Another great resource is Birth Sense who delves a lot into current maternity care practices & policies.  She is a great proponent of questioning the status quo.  If you have a question about a policy at your practice or institution we bet you can find a post on at Birth Sense with some exemplary resources.

Any other resources that we should share?

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